For more than 50 years, WURO has been a manufacturer of quality tools and one of the market leaders in the screwdriver sector. Our customers include both small private brands and large, well-known manufacturers. They all value us as a manufacturer of tools alone.

WURO quality that is made in Germany

WURO quality tools that are made in Germany

Many of our customers value WURO quality that is made in Germany.
WURO is a producer of tools that are manufactured in Germany. WURO screwdrivers and attachments are processed in our factory in Freudenberg, Southern Westphalia from the blade to the finished package. This is what we mean by “made in Germany”.

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Customised tools: made by WURO as required

In addition to standard tools that comply with DIN, ISO and VDE standards, customized and special-purpose tools are important components of our extensive range of products. In the process, we comply with our customers‘ most specialised requirements ourselves in a fast, flexible manner when special measurements and specifications are involved. In that way, customers‘ requirements are met.

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Certified quality for safe tools

All of our products are manufactured in accordance with the strictest quality and safety controls. They are subject to a quality management system that is certified in accordance with ISO 9001. Therefore our customers are supplied with safe tools.

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WURO provides variety. Our products:

WURO has more than 30,000 different items in its diverse, high-quality range of products. They offer practical, reliable solutions for use in everyday life as well as in industry. Thus everything always runs smoothly everywhere.

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