Bits & magnetic holders

Also with respect to bits and magnetic holders, WURO provides everything for do-it-yourself projects and for business with its comprehensive range of products. The production programme offers you the complete series of mechanical screwdrivers and attachments. As well as bits, many different variations on magnetic and non-magnetic bit holders as well as drill bits, adapters and countersinks are also offered.

All screwdrivers and attachments are delivered in different holders, boxes or other tool assortments. You can have bits and magnetic holders labelled in accordance with your individual specific by means of laser equipment. In addition, we will design and label the bit boxes and packaging in accordance with your wishes. You can put assorted sets together in accordance with your own needs.


Our ranges and series of bits and magnetic holders:

Basic Bits

Here you will receive bit quality from the steel-grey basic range that exceeds DIN/ISO-requirements in all areas. Basic bits can be used in various ways and achieve a hardness of 59-61 HRc with fully developed hardening. (The abbreviation HR indicates the test procedure „Rockwell hardness" and the scale „c" specifies test forces and the sample.) They are also the basis for WURO Diamond bits und TIN bits.

TIN quality bits

WURO TIN bits are optimised for large-volume screw connections. With their double coating off TIC (titanium carbide) and TIN (titanium nitride) the bit surface reaches a hardness off 95 HRc – far higher than tungsten. Due to this, the bits become extremely resistant to wear and obtain long-lasting protection against corrosion at the same time. Due to the subsequent thermal treatment in the computer-controlled vacuum process, these bits also achieve a particular toughness.

Stainless steel anti-corrosion series

When it’s a question of avoiding extraneous rust on sensitive surfaces tools that are made of rust-free stainless steel are your first choice. Thanks to high hardness and torque values, by means of a special hardness process, bits from the stainless steel anti-corrosion series are especially recommended for:

  • sensitive areas of application such as facades, baths and fittings
  • construction work outdoors
  • clean-room conditions in the food and cosmetics industries all the way to chip production.

Edelstahl Rost frei

DIAMONDgrip diamond-coated bits

Profile with grip due to the diamond coating.
Advantages of the DIAMONDgrip coating

Even more grip doesn’t work: When it comes to the crunch, screw heads that are coated with the smallest diamonds are the ultimate tool for industrial use. The advantages are proverbially in your hand:

  • a secure hold in the screw head
  • minimal pressure
  • considerably reduced ejection force
  • high wear resistance
  • a long service life
  • optimal protection against corrosion due to its nickel-plated surface

Profil mit Grip durch Diamantbeschichtung.  Profile with grip due to the diamond coating.